Thursday, February 5, 2009

Electoral College, Cell Phone Pic Sounds and Tax deductions for Parents of Murdered Children - Feb. 5, 2008

I've fallen greatly behind with all the work going on with the recovery package the Senate has been debating this week. The House passed their recovery package last week and the Senate will try and pass theirs this week. After that, the two chambers will need to work out the differences in their packages and then have another vote on a final bill.

Here are some interesting bills from past couple weeks dealing with the Electoral College, cell Phone pic sounds and Tax deductions for parents of murdered children. All 3 are great ideas to me.

H.J. Res. 9. A joint resolution proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States to abolish the electoral college and to provide for the direct popular election of the President and Vice President of the United States; to the Committee on the Judiciary.

By Mr. KING (R-NY):
H.R. 414. A bill to require mobile phones containing digital cameras to make a sound when a photograph is taken; to the Committee on Energy and Commerce.

By Mr. POE (R-TX):
H.R. 432. A bill to amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to allow parents of murdered children to continue to claim the deduction for the personal exemption with respect to such child; to the Committee on Ways and Means.

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