Friday, July 11, 2008

Foot and Mouth Argentina & National Speed Limit: July 10, 2008

In the Senate, here is a bipartisan bill introduced to deal with growing food concerns. This bill deals solely with Argentina and Foot and Mouth disease:

By Mr. JOHNSON (D-SD)(for himself, Mr. ENZI (R-WY), Mr. TESTER (D-MT), Mr. BARRASSO (R-WY), Mrs. MCCASKILL (D-MO), Mr. DOMENICI (R-NM), Mr. DORGAN (D-ND), Mr. ALLARD (R-CO), Mr. SALAZAR (D-CO), and Mr. NELSON (D-NE):
S. 3238. A bill to prohibit the importation of ruminants and swine, and fresh and frozen meat and products of ruminants and swine, from Argentina until the Secretary of Agriculture certifies to Congress that every region of Argentina is free of foot and mouth disease without vaccination; to the Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry. Source: GPO [S6559]

On the House side, I imagine this one will cause some controversy, as I think any bill dealing with speed limits (increase or decrease) would be. Rep. Speier is the newest Member of Congress:

H.R. 6458. A bill to establish a national maximum speed limit of 60 miles per hour on highways, and 65 miles per hour on portions of the National Highway System located outside of an urbanized area; to the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure. Source: GPO [H6405]

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