Thursday, July 31, 2008

Land Shark: July 30th, 2008

You got to give it to any Senator who pulls out the Land Shark from Saturday Night Live. Here's Republican Senator from Iowa, Chuck Grassley, yesterday on the floor during the pissing match Senate Republicans and Democrats are having over the tax extenders and drilling:

"By portraying themselves as fiscal conservatives, while in reality playing the same old tax-and-spend game, the Blue Dogs remind me of the land shark character played by Chevy Chase on ``Saturday Night Live.'' This was many years ago, so maybe some of you will not remember. But we have a picture of the land shark skit with the theme from ``Jaws'' playing in the background.

The land shark knocks on a person's door. With the door still closed, the person would ask: Who is at the door?

The land shark would reply: Flower delivery.

The person answering the door then said: You are that clever shark, aren't you?

And in response, the land shark said: Candygram.

If you don't know how the skit ended, the person eventually let the land shark in the door because that person believed the land shark when the land shark said he was a dolphin. And, yes, the land shark ate that person.

The moral of the land shark story is, don't let yourself be fooled that the Blue Dogs are fiscal conservatives because they are pursuing the same old tax-and-spend Washington game. Don't let the House of Representatives Blue Dogs' insatiable appetite for spending swallow the much-needed tax relief contained in the tax extenders." Source: GPO [S7728]


lot 2 learn said...

I remember the SNL land shark skit. That's a great comparison to the tax debate.

Marc said...

it was a funny comparison and I liked it, but probably distracted them from the highly important point of the whole story.

that situation, like many others they are bickering over is not even funny anymore. sorry, i dont think it was ever funny. except for the fat cats