Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Welcome Back & Iran Sanctions: July 7, 2008

Welcome back from 4th of July break. There are 4 weeks in the legislative calendar until the big August recess (which lasts 5 weeks) so there is an awful lot for Members to get done before the break for the summer.

It was a quiet start to the month yesterday, the House was not in session but the Senate started back up and there were only a few bills introduced in the Senate, but this one could have some implications. I'll need to read the text to see the specifics once it is published, but Senator Baucus introduced a bill to impose sanctions on Iran. I don't know if this is to avoid any type of military battle or if this is a precursor to one:

S. 3227. An original bill to impose sanctions on Iran and for other purposes; from the Committee on Finance; placed on the calendar. Source: GPO: [S6362]

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