Friday, July 25, 2008

Polygamy, Video Games and Emergency Tomato Assistance: July 23, 2008

In the Senate on the 23rd, a couple interesting bills. One is to create a polygamy task force (huh?) and another bill that yet again takes aim at video games and adult content.

By Mr. REID (D-NV):
S. 3313. A bill to establish a Federal Polygamy Task Force, to authorize assistance for victims of polygamy, and for other purposes; to the Committee on the Judiciary. Source: GPO [S7148]

S. 3315. A bill to prohibit the distribution or sale of video games that do not have age-based content rating labels, to prohibit the sale or rental of video games with adult content ratings to minors, and for other purposes; to the Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation. Source: GPO [S7148]

On the House side, here is a bill to help out the tomato producers who took a hit during the salmonella scare of recent weeks:

By Mr. MAHONEY (D-FL) (for himself, Mr. BOYD (D-FL), Mr. PUTNAM (R-FL), and Ms. WASSERMAN SCHULTZ (D-FL)):
H.R. 6581. A bill to appropriate funds for the provision of emergency financial assistance to producers and first handlers of fresh tomatoes for losses incurred as a result of the removal of fresh tomatoes and products containing fresh tomatoes from the market and other actions undertaken in response to a public health advisory regarding tomatoes issued by the Food and Drug Administration in June 2008; to the Committee on Agriculture. Source: GPO [H7057]

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