Thursday, September 25, 2008

General Elections on Weekends, Teaching Kids about Finances & Lighthouses: September 25, 2008

Here are a few bills introduced yesterday.

I absolutely love this bill from the House. I have never truly understood why general elections are held on Tuesdays instead of weekends, or why employers are not required by law to give their employees a few hours off on election day, and this bill addresses that issue by pushing to move the general election to the weekend. I think it would be great to encourage more citizens to vote.

H.R. 7034. A bill to change the date for regularly scheduled general elections for Federal office to both the Saturday and Sunday after the first Friday in November, and for other purposes; to the Committee on House Administration. Source: GPO [H9423]

And here are a couple bills from the Senate.

In light of the financial problems our country and many of its citizens are facing, I think this is a strong bill. We can never start teaching financial responsibility too early:

S. 3557. A bill to encourage savings, promote financial literacy, and expand opportunities for young adults by establishing KIDS Accounts; to the Committee on Finance. Source: GPO [S9414]

Finally, people who are into lighthouses will enjoy this bill.

By Mr. LEVIN (D-MI)(for himself and Ms. STABENOW (D-MI)):
S. 3555. A bill to establish a pilot program to provide for the preservation and rehabilitation of historic lighthouses; to the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources. Source: GPO [S9414]

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