Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Railroad Safety, Protecting Pregnant Women, Protecting Americans in Parks & Swimming Lessons: September 16, 2008

On the Senate side, a bill introduced in response to the California train wreck last week:

By Mrs. FEINSTEIN (D-CA)(for herself and Mrs. BOXER (D-CA)):
S. 3493. A bill to require rail carriers to develop positive rail control system plans for improving railroad safety and to increase the civil penalties for railroad safety violations; to the Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation. Source: GPO [S8856]

A couple more bills introduced in the Senate that are sort of 'no duh' kinds of bills. I haven't seen the legislative language for these bills and how they propose to accomplish the goals, but who the heck would not want these things to happen?

By Mrs. BOXER (D-CA)(for herself, Mrs. CLINTON (D-NY), Mr. CARDIN (D-MD), and Mr. WHITEHOUSE (D-RI)):
S. 3495. A bill to protect pregnant women and children from dangerous lead exposures; to the Committee on Environment and Public Works. Source: GPO [S8856]

S. 3499. An original bill to protect innocent Americans from violent crime in national parks; from the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources; placed on the calendar. Source: GPO [S8856]

And finally, a bill in the House that Michael Phelps (and lifeguards around the nation) will likely be happy to see:

By Mr. SIRES (D-NJ)(for himself, Ms. WASSERMAN SCHULTZ (D-FL), Mr. PAYNE (D-NJ), and Mr. PASTOR (D-AZ)):
H. Res. 1446. A resolution expressing the importance of swimming lessons and recognizing the danger of drowning in the United States, especially among minority children; to the Committee on Energy and Commerce. Source: GPO [H8275]

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