Friday, September 26, 2008

Unlawful Arrests, Obesity in America and Nuclear Activities in Iran: September 26, 2008

Here are three bills introduced in the Senate yesterday.

The first one is very vague and will require reading the legislative text to see how they propose to accomplish the goals of the bill, but if they are able to, I'm all for it. One of the worst things to happen to a citizen (and our country) is to end up being arrested or detained unlawfully in the 'land of the free'.

By Mr. MENENDEZ (D-NJ)(for himself and Mr. KENNEDY (D-MA) ):
S. 3594. A bill to protect United States citizens from unlawful arrest and detention; to the Committee on the Judiciary. Source: GPO [S9492]

Another vague bill with solid goals, particularly with the direction our country is moving in regards to the health of its citizens.

S. 3584. A bill to comprehensively prevent, treat, and decrease overweight and obesity in our Nation's populations; to the Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions. Source: GPO [S9492]

The final bill deals with assessing Iran's nuclear activities.

S. 3578. A bill to establish a commission to assess the nuclear activities of the Islamic Republic of Iran; to the Committee on Foreign Relations. Source: GPO [S9492]

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